Kathleen Riley is the only Integrated Health Practitioner trained in the State of Michigan to deliver The WHEE Method. Through this method, she teaches individuals how to clear emotional trauma and reduce and even eliminate stress reactions within minutes.

Dr. Daniel Benor, M.D., developer of WHEE:  Whole Health – Easily and Effectively®, explains how it works:   

WHEE invites the body to participate in releasing anxieties and stresses. You simply alternate tapping on the right and left side of your body while reciting an affirmation, and the negativity melts away. You can then use the same process to install positive feelings, beliefs and awarenesses to replace the negativity you have released (Benor 2000).

Re-Entry Issues For Which WHEE May Be Helpful

By Dr. Daniel Benor, M.D.

  • Specific sensory memories of traumas (any and all of the senses may be involved)
  • Feelings associated with the image memories, such as fear, anger, helplessness, physical pain, emotional pain, despair
  • Feelings of betrayal by other people, authorities, God
  • Your own helplessness and inability to ‘fix’ the problem – at the time of the trauma or afterwards
  • Sadness, grief, bereavement over losses (other people who were killed or injured, your own former self, losses of functions or possessions due to the trauma)
  • Feelings of guilt for not having avoided, dealt better with, or believing you contributed to the problem
  • Frustrations with yourself and others that the problem is not being resolved more quickly, satisfactorily or completely
  • Worries about the future
  • Issues in the past that resonate with the recent traumas

Disclaimer: These methods are not in place of the care of a doctor, a medical professional or healthcare provider. Please contact your doctor for any medical concerns or questions you may have pertaining to your health.