This is where we learn to fly…

Coming home, going back-to-school, or returning to work after recovering from a crisis, in and of itself, can be difficult and overwhelming with unexpected challenges often filling us with fear, anxiety, and depression.

We are experienced transitional coaches of life, career and personal well-being to assist you with next stage core-healing and wellness recovery to ensure long-term success. We offer effective transitional strategies, coaching activities and healthy immersion experiences. We act as sounding boards; we help you establish structure and accountability; and we help you maintain health and well-being.

As life and career coaches, we walk along side of you with an easier, more successful transition. As teachers of personal wellbeing, we are trained to clear emotional trauma and reduce and eliminate stress reactions within minutes. We also work with family members in need of the same support.

We are here to assist you through transition on a daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basis, over the course of three-months, six-months and in certain cases up to a year.

Here’s how the Transitional Coaching works…


  • We strategize a peaceful and supportive plan weeks prior to re-entry to minimize triggers
  • We strategize a daily self-care routine

Re-Entry Immersion

  • We teach you how to grow and change with personal coaching instruction for clearing trauma and stress reactions
  • We engage you in weekly workbook coaching exercises to help you stay connected to higher-purpose and meaning in life
  • We assist you in finding community support meetings and personally take you to local weekly meetings until a routine is established
  • We encourage you to join a study group with others who have similar emotional concerns and family issues
  • We encourage and help you establish phone support
  • We encourage and help you establish a daily exercise routine and a healthy eating plan