During this time, you will discover the therapeutic power of storytelling and memoir writing.

The process involves developing a timeline, creating a table‐of‐contents and discovering your voice.  You will also learn clearing techniques for writer’s block and short-cuts to getting your story on paper.

As Linda Myers states in her book, The Power of Memoir, “Writing a memoir is an act of courage, love, and inspiration. Through writing we are brought deeply into ourselves, into the heart of our lives and our feelings, and the meaning we make about everything we have experienced. If you translate your memories into scenes and story, they will change you. She believes, “The stories become your teacher.”

How Kathleen Riley wrote What You Feel is Real

The writing of my memoir took five years of which I moved through various stages of emotional and spiritual integration. The reason I chose to write a memoir was because it was the best way for me to release toxic energies of anger and resentment in a safe environment. I also knew the power was in the spoken word and that I would heal through this process more thoroughly.

In preparation to writing my memoir, I collected my thoughts and constructed a timeline for each of the major events in my life. Next, I met with a professional interviewer and told my story as we recorded each session. I then gave my recordings to a transcriber to not only capture sentences but more important to grasp the vibrations and intonations coming from the spoken truth. From the notes, I was able to compose a memoir with healing power written in the present tense as a first-person narrative.

After each recording, I noticed an energy release from my body that hung over me like a dark cloud for three days until it gradually dissipated. As anticipated, I was experiencing a deeper healing by speaking out my story in this manner. As I moved through the writing process, I was able to self-witness my dilemmas and laugh at myself. Because I could laugh at myself, I knew I was forming a healthy sense of detachment.

I also noticed that I no longer had the desire to repeat my story over and over again because I had captured it on paper to share with my family, community, and the world.

Writing my memoir was a safe way in and a safe way out to release my anger and resentment and it gave access to eliminate the long-suffering of anxiety, depression, and OCD as I journeyed closer to my core-self. Even my anxiety around public speaking and intrusive ruminating thoughts vanished.

Now I have a book to share with readers to use as a healing tool through the power of telling my story.