I left corporate life after 30 years, possibly for good. A few days afterward I noticed a strange swelling on my right ankle.

Kathleen ushered me into her office and began the session with a prayer of sorts; for healthy boundaries, and a spiritual sealing of the room with a blue light to create a sacred space.

In between talking we recited three main thoughts; one, a description of the negative energy contained within the swollen ankle. Two, a positive description of an energy to replace the space occupied. And three, a statement which sets the healing via a vision of the life I want to live.

After the session the pressure in the swollen part of the ankle seemed to unblock and let the natural healing begin. I am currently three days past and while the ankle is still sore the pain is subsiding and it now feels like a normal sprain.

If you want to hear the full story, tell Kathleen and she can give you my contact info.
Jack J.

Hello. My name is Hugh McDonald. I have been in recovery through AA for 9 years, as of today. Interestingly enough, yes, this is being written on my exact anniversary of 9 years.
While I credit AA with my sobriety for the last nine years, I would like to also give credit to Kathleen Riley for helping me make real, life-changing progress in what I would call stage two of recovery. Now that we’ve stopped the destruction, where do we go from here? How do we build a new life that is solid?

I was introduced to Kathleen’s work with the archetypes as a model for understanding our own personalities through classes which began in October of 2015. Within a few weeks, I had clearly identified and corrected problems in an area of my life which I had been struggling with for over two years, mainly occupational choices that just were not working out. Through the classes and work we did together, I was able to see that my choices had not really been well aligned with my own ideals. Hence, there was inherent conflict.

Once I saw the problem, the solution readily presented itself: an opportunity to work for a non-profit organization where I could utilize my skills and experience in a much more satisfying and meaningful way. I have received numerous positive comments from my managers and the residents in my new employment, and am very happy with this situation. It was all so clear, once the internal conflict was identified, to make a healthier, happier choice for my future.

I highly recommend Kathleen as a person not only of excellent character and competency, but also as a person deeply committed to helping her clients make real, life-changing progress!
Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or request for further feedback.

Hugh McDonald