Recently, I was asked by the National Coach Academy for an interview about my journey as an energy medicine expert and coaching professional.  I’m happy to share this story with you because it’s a good example of embracing change through crisis.  Whether it was going through a divorce, a parent passing, losing a job, or children struggling, each step of the way, my journey seemed to be guided and directed for a higher-purpose.

I share these thoughts because during the coronavirus pandemic it is a time when your intuition is at an all time high.  It is an important time to be aware of it and to embrace whatever you’ve been yearning to do next in your life.

I can list a zillion changes I’m welcoming in my life as a result of this crisis while staying at home.  First, I have time to write this blog.  Second, I shifted both The Dove House, A Center for Healing & Wellness, and Potions & Prayer, Inspired Apothecary Goods, to online businesses.  It has been my goal to shift to online for a good year.

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Sending good thoughts,

Kathleen Riley McCarthy

Certified in Integrative Holistic Health

Energy Medicine Expert