What brings some couples together in the first place is an undercurrent of childhood experiences recreated in current life situations. Unfortunately, some of these experiences are not so pleasant. What are known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) or post-traumatic stress (PTSD) can mysteriously appear inside the sacred consciousness of couples. If unattended, these unresolved circular patterns of conflict, pasted on down as far back as seven generations, can easily destroy the relationship for a couple and their family.

When both individuals are consciously aware, it is at this time that shifts can occur by simply reaching up into levels of courage, willingness to change, and acceptance.

With such awareness, we have the ability to override old systems and create new realities of health and well-being — especially with the ones we love the most.

Spaces of Love teaches you to…

  • Uncover your twelve universal patterns of unconscious behaviors into consciousness.
  • Practice positive loving ways to support each other’s personal growth.
  • Practice awareness by becoming an observer rather than a reactor to emotionally charged situations.
  • Mirror current life themes in correlation to adverse childhood experiences and feel the negative energy melt away.
  • Learn easy effective techniques to gently release past-trauma held in your body’s energy system.

Disclaimer:  These methods are not in place of the care of a doctor, a medical professional or healthcare provider.  Please contact your doctor for any medical concerns or questions you may have pertaining to your health.