The Science Behind Laser Therapy

The coherent light energy that comes from lasers penetrates the skin and blood vessels in the form of photons. The photons are absorbed by mitochondria, known as the “powerhouses” of the cell. The mitochondria absorbs the laser light, which then activates a series of reactions to increase and store more cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This energy stimulates and regenerates cells and tissue, promoting the body’s natural healing and relaxation process. Laser therapy also increases circulation as well as lymph flow and oxygen. A study at Detroit Medical Center shows a 10.7% increase in oxygenation in the treated area while using laser therapy with 660 nm lasers.

Why choose LASERwrap®?

Being that it is wearable, you can feel a difference in a matter of hours vs days, correct condition in a matter of days vs weeks, and for some decubitus wounds (bedsores, etc.), get them to respond in weeks versus months. Do not be fooled – LEDs do not have the same effect. They are at best 1/10th as effective.

LASERwrap® is a wearable cold laser therapy device that consists of a small impulse laser that transmits coherent light through filaments into a wrap. The wrap is applied to almost any part of the body, used with both human and the treatment of animals. The type of therapy is also known as low level laser therapy, or LLLT. The 12-minute treatments are automated to cycle on and off every 30 minutes in the Blue mode day and night, or for a quick couple treatments pre-event or in a clinic, use 10 minutes ON and 10 minutes OFF in the Green mode.

Spectra LASERwrap® is FDA-cleared and patented (also patent pending) for personal use to improve circulation, reduce pains in joints, muscle spasms, arthritis pains, relieve stiffness and reduce edema. The product is used to treat most chronic and acute conditions and injuries, and can also be used to improve athletic performance and prevent injury, as part of a pre- and post-workout regimen.