Extended Care Retreats accelerate healing and wellness of mind, body, and spirit for individuals interested in rapid relief from anxiety, depression, grief, stress (PTSD) and pain.

The Extended Care Retreats include both educational and experiential learning activities as listed below:

Creating a Wellness Vision: You will learn how to create a vision statement and set meaningful goals for achieving health, vitality, and wellbeing.

Talking to Your Pain Body: You will learn how to connect with your body through the practice of mindfulness to release aches and pains.

Release Negative Emotions: You will learn how to release unwanted emotions that cause negative reactions and free yourself to be the person you really are.

Wellness & Life-Purpose: You will create a wellness vision statement in alignment with your life-purpose for sustainable change to move your life forward in healthy ways.

We schedule half- or full-day retreats delivered on-site.  Please call ahead to reserve your place, 248.321.9200.