In this session, we view dreams as windows of opportunities and use the storyline in the dream to reveal unconscious aspects of ‘self’ asking to be healed. The cast of characters represent inner-aspects of self. The scenes are normally exaggerated to get one’s attention and remember.

Before getting up from out of bed after a dream, try and write it down without moving your head too much.  Your mind is like an Etch A Sketch. If you move too quickly, it will erase the dream.

Download this Dream Worksheet to record your dream and delve deeper into its meaning.

Once recorded, please bring this worksheet with you to a session for an exploration of what part of you is trying to get your attention and where in the body should there be an energetic release or embrace of this dream’s energy.

Dream Healing Process

Not only do dreams provide opportunity for personal growth and spiritual guidance but they have a way to bring up energies from the past or release the emotional residue blocking us from moving forward. When dream energy surfaces, it is there to help move us along on our spiritual journey.

Dreams not only heal the energy of current situations, but they also help us dissolve generational energies that may be affecting our children.

Types of Dreams

There are several types of dreams but most of them fall into the below listed dream type categories:

Family Issue Dreams – Dreams about family members with scenes taking place in familiar settings i.e. at home or outdoors. Dreams with you as the central character working or interacting in different rooms of the house can symbolize where you are in the process of personal growth as it relates to yourself and family issues.

Relationship Issue Dream – Dreams about people you know or don’t know generally takes place in a home but not necessarily one that you’re familiar with.

Death and Rebirth Dreams – Dreams about dying, a baby or a toddler.

Transformational Dreams – Vivid memory of three consecutive dreams or a dream with a distinct beginning, middle and end. An experience of faces or people morphing into something else.

Creativity Dreams – Dreams that provide images, words or solutions related to projects.

Spiritual Family Support Dreams – Dreams about deceased parents, grandparents or friends who deliver important messages, conversations, or situations to bring new energy to help move us forward.

Premonition/Warning Dreams – Dreams that tell the future or warn you of something will wake you in the middle of the night to make sure they’re remembered.

Life-Purpose Dreams – Dreams of traveling on a path either by boat, car, plane, or any other mode of transportation. Also dreams with the sensation of flying above the earth or out in the universe have to do with your life-purpose.