Our philosophy embraces life-experience as an opportunity to stand strong through empowerment. Please donate to The Dove House, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity, in support of our Healing & Wellness Beyond Recovery Programs with either a general donation or one of the suggested donations listed below.
  • Price: $7,500.00 Quantity:
    • This program gives the first nine-months of weekly 90-minute sessions of high-level awareness and integrative holistic health methods to relieve stress and vulnerability to addiction/illness. • The last three-months includes weekly 90-minute sessions to reach their highest potential. • This program gives family members three-months to a year of weekly 30- 60-minute phone sessions to support their loved ones as they heal and reach their highest potential.
  • Price: $8,000.00 Quantity:
    This program gives young people aftercare for addiction/illness one full-year of one-on-one twice weekly 90-minute sessions the first three months and weekly sessions the remaining nine-months to reach their highest potential.