I left corporate life after 30 years, possibly for good. A few days afterward I noticed a strange swelling on my right ankle.

Kathleen ushered me into her office and began the session with a prayer of sorts; for healthy boundaries, and a spiritual sealing of the room with a blue light to create a sacred space.

In between talking we recited three main thoughts; one, a description of the negative energy contained within the swollen ankle. Two, a positive description of an energy to replace the space occupied. And three, a statement which sets the healing via a vision of the life I want to live.

After the session the pressure in the swollen part of the ankle seemed to unblock and let the natural healing begin. I am currently three days past and while the ankle is still sore the pain is subsiding and it now feels like a normal sprain.

If you want to hear the full story, tell Kathleen and she can give you my contact info.
Jack J.