I went back in time to the event of my car accident and visualized myself fly across to the passenger side of the car and hit the windshield.  In present time, I closed my eyes and absorbed a violet light to heal the trauma in my body as a result of the impact. After my healing was complete, I replaced the energy void with positive thoughts. The following day, the first test came while driving in a car as a passenger with my twenty-three year old son.  After 10 minutes, I realized I had forgotten about my fear and then I began to second guess whether it was really gone. “Well,”  I thought, “He’s not a bad driver. Maybe when I get in the car with my youngest, I will be able to know for sure.”  The next day when I drove with my daughter, I was calm. I continued to test it out over the course of several months until I was convinced it was no longer a problem in my life.  Now, the only time I’m nervous is when someone is really a bad driver.