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What You Feel Is Real: A Inspiring Memoir of Healing & Purpose
by Kathleen Riley (Author)
What You Feel is Real: An Inspiring Memoir of Healing & Purpose.  Having grown up with an alcoholic father and depressed mother, Riley journeys into her own emotional abyss and recognizes her destructive nature. Riley transforms in ways she never imagined. Through the power of creative expression and driven by purpose, she channels her negative emotions into positive ones and successfully moves forward in her life. All in all, the impeccable guidance of prayer and staying the course with life-purpose is what lifts her spirit and keeps her well. Her journey a success, her well-being restored, Riley shares this intimate memoir to inspire others on their path.

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Everyday Miracles Cover

Everyday Miracles:  An Invitation to Health, Vitality, and Well-being
by Kathleen Riley (Author)
Everyday Miracles workbook features a health and wellness questionnaire, the Transformational Coaching Model, charts for tracking your daily progress, creating a vision plan, setting intentions, and energy strategy activities for achieving optimum health, vitality, and well-being.

Everyday Miracles is included at no cost for participants of Everyday Miracles Workshops at The Dove House.