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Car Accident Phobia

by Kathleen Riley • April 16, 2018

I went back in time to the event of my car accident and visualized myself fly across to the passenger side of the car and hit the windshield.  In present time, I closed my eyes and absorbed a violet light to heal the trauma in my body as a result of the impact. After my […]

Healing Family Burdens

by Kathleen Riley • April 16, 2018

I recently dreamt about my son acting as the caregiver of my two daughters. I could feel his burden on top of the burden I felt as single parent. The energy around this dream brought back memories of my life and his growing up in an alcoholic home. By learning how to work with my dream […]

Life-Changing Progress

by Kathleen Riley • April 16, 2018

Hello. My name is Hugh McDonald. I have been in recovery through AA for 9 years, as of today. Interestingly enough, yes, this is being written on my exact anniversary of 9 years. While I credit AA with my sobriety for the last nine years, I would like to also give credit to Kathleen Riley […]

Career Transition & Pain Release

by Kathleen Riley • April 16, 2018

I left corporate life after 30 years, possibly for good. A few days afterward I noticed a strange swelling on my right ankle. Kathleen ushered me into her office and began the session with a prayer of sorts; for healthy boundaries, and a spiritual sealing of the room with a blue light to create a […]


by Kathleen Riley • September 17, 2017

Holistic health and wellness is an evolving new health and healing system that has been emerging in America over the last twenty years.  Whether someone is managing an illness or seeking optimum health, research continues to prove that holistic health and wellness approaches are strong catalysts for preventing or warding off underlying causes of disease. […]