We provide next stage self-healing and wellness beyond recovery plans for individuals suffering from adverse childhood experiences with symptoms of anxiety, addiction, anger, depression, grief, co-dependence, post-traumatic stress, and pain.

Who Is a Candidate

Beyond Recovery for Trauma Survivors is designed for medically stable individuals who have a willingness to embrace significant positive change in their lives.  This is a sponsored program for small groups or one-on-one via video conferencing.  Please contact us to apply for a scholarship and be a participant.

What you will EXPERIENCE… 

Experience positive immediate results while you learn easy and effective meridian-based tapping methods to release negative energies.

Enjoy Life the Way It’s Really Supposed to Be!

  • Free yourself from guilt, shame, or worries
  • Release fears of abandonment and self-doubt
  • Interrupt unhealthy patterns of behaviors
  • Discover easy and gentle ways to love and accept yourself
  • Honor the person you’re really supposed to be

Disclaimer:  These methods are not in place of the care of a doctor, a medical professional or healthcare provider.  Please contact your doctor for any medical concerns or questions you may have pertaining to your health.

Beyond Recovery Donations

Please donate to The Dove House, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity, to support Beyond Recovery for Trauma Survivors, Addiction, and Families who silently suffer. We are a next stage core-healing and wellness recovery center for individuals, of all ages, suffering from symptoms of anxiety, anger, addiction, depression, grief, stress (PTSD) and pain. Our philosophy embraces life-experience as an opportunity to stand strong in empowerment.