When working with Archetype systems, also known as Story stored in the body, is a powerful healing experience when you begin to identify ancient universal patterns embedded in what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious.”

Even though it seems we are doing a great deal of personal and spiritual growth, certain patterns feel as if they are almost impossible to interrupt.  They continue to show up in the form of chronic backache, arthritis, depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, lack of finances, addiction, sexual dysfunction, and so on.  Just about any sort of pain we experience, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, its roots can be traced by going from the larger story and on down to the mustard seed inside — also the reverse is true.

The main objective in working with the Archetypes is to reach your highest potential in life. When you identify the big story in relationship to your own truth, the healing process takes place at a meta level.  New realities form and whole systems shift.

In the first session, you will determine your Archetype characters and learn where they are positioned in your body.  Once the Archetype system is in place, you will learn how to sense positive and negative aspects of self in relation to ever predictable universal patterns we call story.

From there, we will work within a healing protocol to release negative energies on down several layers to the core inside of you.