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This is where we learn to fly ...
Reach Your Highest Potential
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The most important change begins with a simple shift from fear-based beliefs, control behaviors or illness-victim mentalities into an expanded awareness of unconditional love, acceptance, gratitude and a willingness to change. The Dove House supports individuals that embrace the whole-person — meaning mind, body, and spirit — through a variety of coping tools, energy methods, holistic health and wellness solutions to educate, support, and experience significant change.

This is where we learn to fly…

You will learn core energy methods  to help move you forward in gentle, non-traumatizing ways.

You will learn healing meditations to release of toxic energies from the mind, body, and spirit to spiral-up in a positive directions with your life. To learn more…

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit Charity.  Donations are welcome!